5 Reasons to Try Domain Name Flipping

Ahsan Habib

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Are you looking for an easy way to make money online?  A quick search online will show you that you do have many options.  Yes, each of these options are worth the try, but you should push domain name flipping to the top of your list.  Why?  Five reasons why domain name flipping is a moneymaking opportunity that all should try are outlined below.


1 – It Is Easy


Domain name flipping is a process that involves the buying and reselling of domain names.  When a new business owner wants to create a website for their business, they head to the internet to purchase a domain name and web hosting package.  If the domain name they want is available, they usually pay less than $10.  On the other hand, if their business name and other variations are already used, they may offer to pay more for the name.  If you are the current owner, you can make a huge profit.


As previously stated, a person who wants a domain name will pay extra for one that is already in use or parked.  Not only can you wait for someone to approach you with a purchase offer, but you can market a for sale domain name.  You can do so with third party websites, free online classified ads, and internet marketing forums.


2 – Just About Anyone Can Do It


As previously stated, making money with domain flipping is easy.  In fact, it is so easy that just about anyone can make money.  There are very few restrictions with this moneymaking opportunity.  To purchase a domain name, you must have a credit or debit card.  Most websites require buyers to be 18 years of age.  If you are a teenager, but want to try this moneymaking opportunity, talk to your parents.  Once they see how easy it is to make money with domain name flipping they may not only give you permission, but offer to help.


3 – Low Startup Costs


Unfortunately, many people cannot start their own business or work from home due to high startup costs.  Yes, this is true in many cases, but it is important to know that not all moneymaking opportunities have high startup costs.  As previously stated, a business owner who wants a domain name that has yet to be registered typically pays $10.  This is the same amount you will pay.  So, start up costs are low.


In addition to costs in terms of money, look at time.  Whether you opt for reading paid emails or taking surveys, a lot of time is required for a relatively small amount of money.  This is not the case with domain name flipping.  With domain name flipping, you buy a domain name.  Next, you either offer it for sale on a third party website or just wait until you receive an offer.  Even when listing on a third-party website, you should spend no more than one hour developing your listing.


4 – Can Make Money in the Meantime


As previously stated, it may take time to sell a domain name.  If have a name that you think is truly profitable, wait until it is in demand.  When in demand, you get more money.  If you opt to sit on a domain name until it is in demand, make money with parking.  Many websites, such as Sedo.com, help you do so.  Targeted pay-per-click advertisements will be displayed.  When an internet users clicks on an advertisements, you make money.


4 – The Profits


It is rare for someone to not make money on domain name flipping.  However, the money made will vary.  Do you have a domain name that is about to expire and has yet to sell?  If so, lower the asking price.  Remember that even a $20 profit is better than a loss.


A $20 profit was only used as an example.  If you play your cards right, you can make a huge profit.  Individuals who were lucky enough to register a domain name that is also the name of an upcoming movie or a new business can easily make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or more!


In terms of profit, the best way to make money through the use of domain name flipping is to flip more than one.  The more domain names you sell, the more money you make.  Back to the $20 profit on a poorly chosen domain name, even $20 can add up to a significant profit.

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